Salamanca Market in Hobart, Tasmania is where I really began playing solo-guitar about 25 years ago. People can hear me there almost every Saturday. This CD features my new Huon Pine Guitar that I finished making in mid 2015.

“Salamanca Saturdays” is dedicated to all who have met, helped, encouraged and supported me at the Market over the years.

This digital download includes:

  • Standard MP3 format download of Salamanca Saturdays
  • High fidelity FLAC format download of Salamanca Saturdays
  • High resolution scans of original CD artwork



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Track listing
2.Meet You at the Market
3.The Song in Your Heart
4.Dr. Saito’s Gift
5.The Daughters Fairydance
6.After the Rain
7.Where’s Wooby
8.Dan’s Jig
10.The Twinkle in His Eye
11.Annie’s Ballet
12.  Mountain Magic
13.For Michele
14. Twilight Tune

Hi Cary, I saw you at Salamanca this morning and was so mesmerised by your beautiful music. I stopped to listen for a while then moved on. When we returned and I could hear you I was literally moved to tears. I couldn’t stop them from falling. I wasn’t sad, your music was just so beautiful that I couldnt stop the tears. I had to send my daughter to buy the album because I was trying to control the stream down my face. Thank you for your gift of beautiful music. Bless you.