Salamanca Saturdays (Digital Download)

Salamanca Market in Hobart, Tasmania is where I really began playing solo-guitar about 25 years ago. People can hear me there almost every Saturday. This CD features my new Huon Pine Guitar that I finished making in mid 2015.

“Salamanca Saturdays” is dedicated to all who have met, helped, encouraged and supported me at the Market over the years.

This digital download includes:

  • Standard MP3 format download of Salamanca Saturdays
  • High fidelity FLAC format download of Salamanca Saturdays
  • High resolution scans of original CD artwork



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Track listing
2.Meet You at the Market
3.The Song in Your Heart
4.Dr. Saito’s Gift
5.The Daughters Fairydance
6.After the Rain
7.Where’s Wooby
8.Dan’s Jig
10.The Twinkle in His Eye
11.Annie’s Ballet
12.  Mountain Magic
13.For Michele
14. Twilight Tune

15 reviews for Salamanca Saturdays (Digital Download)

  1. Lee Cooper (verified owner)

    Since 2012 when I was in Tasmania, I’ve always enjoyed listening to your music. I have a few of your CD’s and the one I recently purchased is a pleasure to listen too. Thank you 🙂

  2. Stephen Mulcahy (verified owner)

    Another fine album. Thank so much Cary.

  3. Sherwood M. (verified owner)

    Beautiful as always. Music to lift the soul. Thank you.

  4. Andrea Merrick

    My CD I bought a the markets exploded in my car CD player!! I was devastated!! I need another one.

  5. Andrea Merrick

    My CD I bought at the markets exploded in my car CD player!! I was devastated!! I need another one.

  6. Andrea (verified owner)

    Truly beautiful music and an everlasting memory of my visit to the Salamanca Markets

  7. Kimberly (verified owner)

    I love this album. I have all the solo albums and enjoy listening to them when doing chores around the house or just relaxing.

  8. kazuaki shono (verified owner)


  9. Bill Goss (verified owner)

    I bought “The Sky in Your Eyes” and liked it so much that I decided to buy this album as well. And I’m delighted with this one as well!

  10. KERI TITLEY (verified owner)

    Just beautiful music. Brilliant talent

  11. John Davies (verified owner)

    Really fine music and performance

  12. Dr Stephen W. (verified owner)

    Cary at his best

  13. Alison (verified owner)

    Stunning music that allows you to drift into another world.

  14. Søren H Andersen (verified owner)

    Great album in excellent audio quality

  15. Isabella (verified owner)

    Love your music since we heard it at the salamanca market! Best guitar player we ever heard!

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