Conference Entertainment

The perfect entertainment solution for your next conference, Cary Lewincamp is one of Tasmania’s most respected musical icons.
You can be confident with Cary providing your conference entertainment. He has over 20 years experience playing music for the corporate sector. A versitile player, he sources his repetiore from folk, pop and jazz genres. However, he is most known for his original compositions for solo guitar.  You may have heard Cary’s music on national ABC radio.
His beautiful original music is composed for people and places in Tasmania and is often identified as “The Sound of Tasmanian Life” and is loved by people of all ages and backgrounds world wide.
Cary can provide elegant dinner music or an intimate memorable concert performance. Why not even consider employing Cary to create a beautiful ambience for morning reflection, for breakfast, for lunches or even late at night. His music can be enjoyed at any time of the day.
Cary is one of Australia’s best selling independent artists, having sold well over
 70,000 CD’s, yet he remains a fresh new musical experience waiting to be discovered by your audience.
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