About Cary

Cary Lewincamp is one of Tasmania’s most loved musical icons and his music is often identified as the “sound of Tasmanian life”.

He is the father of 7 children including triplets.

His compositions are a reflection of his feelings for his home and family, and of the environment and lifestyle of his much loved Tasmania.

For the people from all over the world who have visited Tasmania and discovered his unique, reflective music that is emotionally nourishing, he has become an integral part of their lives.

He receives the warmest of correspondence, telling stories of how his music has touched them deeply. From births, baby settling, children’s sleep music to meditation, dining, students studying, connecting with loved ones or just plain listening, his music connects with all. His fans write about how his music has impacted and interacted with their daily lives and of those around them.

Dear Cary,

I wanted you to know how much your music is appreciated. I direct an autism-specific long day care centre on the outskirts of Sydney, and am privileged to welcome 20 children with autism and their families every day. These amazing parents report that often their daily lives are exhausting and overwhelming, so we wanted to create a welcoming space as they entered that was calm, centred and nurturing, and having already experienced your music in other contexts, I began to play it quietly over the sound system. The positive response from families was immediate and unanimous, and the staff also report that when they walk into work and hear the familiar tracks, they have a sense of increased calm and clarity. It also seems that no matter how many repetitions of each disc we have during the day, the sound is still fresh each time, it never feels repetitive, only nurturing.

We have nearly worn out Home and Under the Same Moon, so thought I’d better also order In Your Nearness and The Sky in Your Eyes!

Many thanks, and we look forward to increasing the range of our Cary-induced atmosphere!


Hi Cary,

Just wanted you to know we have played nothing else in our CD player since your 5 CDs arrived and are listening, even now, as we are sitting on our bed looking over the sea towards Russel here in The Bay of Islands.

It is all so perfect, even the sky is blue and the early afternoon temp hovering around 27C, and the sea kissed by the Northerly wind from the equator.

We send you our best wishes for this year and thank you for making this blissful music.

Warm thoughts,

John and Wiki

Hi Cary,

Just letting you know I use your music in my job as a volunteer with dementia patients. They really enjoy it and it provides a really relaxing and stress free feeling around the place. Yesterday one patient who is really suffering at the moment asked me about your music and said how much he enjoyed it.

Thanks Wendy