Fan Feedback


I heard you playing at the Arts Centre market in Christchurch while you were on tour here in NZ last June. I had only, just days earlier, arrived to New Zealand from Canada and I was out on my first day exploring the city.

Quite by accident I discovered the markets and the whole Arts Centre scene.I was enthralled with the markets themselves but was much more taken by the sounds of the music drifting over the square. There you were playing on the grass – I pulled up a piece of pavement and listened to your whole set.

Your music brought tears to my eyes. I was so incredibly happy to be in that perfect spot, caught in a perfect moment, in a beautiful new place, listening to incredibly beautiful music. I bought your ‘Under the Same Moon’ album that afternoon and have been using the soothing melodies to help me get through stressful and assignment jammed terms at school ever since.

I can not believe I have waited this long to find you on the internet but my partner was listening to my music collection last week and he ‘found’ you…watching him enjoy his new discovery has prompted me to order another album. I can not wait for them to arrive.

Thank you for the peace of mind and feelings of joy that I feel when I listen to your music.


Dear Cary (Mr Lewincamp),

I saw you at the National Folk Festival in Canberra a few years back. We bought your CD and came up to you afterwards to thank you, and that’s why I’m writing tonight, to say thank you again for your music.

You know how you may have certain events, or people, or places or something in your life, that you can’t imagine your life without them? Not even that it would be so terribly bad, just that you physically can’t imagine it? That’s what your CDs are for me, they remind me of nearly everything because they’re usually playing no matter what I’m doing.

My friend Emma loves your music too, and we often say how we were feeling hopeless about the world but we had a “Cary fix” and we’re relieved now! Your music sometimes reminds me of Leunig, it seems true and pure and sometimes sad but quite hopeful all at the same time. I wonder if you’re a fan of his or not.

Anyway, just thought I would let you know how much a bunch of us up here in Melbourne are enjoying your music. I think you make the world a nicer place to be in.

Yours sincerely,
Claire Valentine

Hello Cary

My husband and I currently have all three of your Cd’s and play them constantly. We are in our early 50’s and our children who are 23 and 24 respectively and have a great appreciation of all types of music, love your music as well.

Your music gives us great serenity when we are stressed, comforts us when we feel loss, lets us dance when we feel free and uplifts us when we relax. Thank you very much.

Denise and Glen

Hi Cary

I unintentionally (!) heard one of your gigs at the National Folk Festival and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. Your playing of the guitar was just fantastic….it almost sounded like a harp! We bought your CD The Sky in Your Eyes and played it all the way home in the car. There are times when the endless strumming on the guitar can sound boring, ho hum and mundane…you lifted it to celestial heights!

Thanks Elizabeth

Hey Cary

Yesterday i purchased ‘A fresh Wind’ for my dad for his birthday. Just wanted to say thank you for creating such beautiful, fresh and inspiring music. I love it, my dad loves it… mum too! Thanks again for your dedication to your art.

Your music transports us into a place of peace, where forgivness and love triumph over indifferences!


Dear Cary,

I just want to thank you for the magical musical gift that you are sharing with us all. I know people get to enjoy your performances in so many venues and circumstances but I just wanted to share a little of the gift you have given to our family.

Our daughter was born nearly 3 years ago. Whilst pregnant with her, we had a wonderful opportunity to have a 4D scan recorded on DVD and we got to choose the music that the scan went along to. That’s when Chloe was first introduced to “Cary”. Your music was so apt and a beautiful accompaniment to the miracle that we got to capture and enjoy. It’s such a beautiful dvd that we treasure dearly. When Chloe was born she had terrible reflux and settling issues. We found ourselves in the Mother Baby Unit (daddy came and all) to help learn ways to make our beautiful babe more comfortable. We would play your cd’s to her as a part of our night time routines and found that it wasn’t just Chloe that managed to unwind a little, it was also mummy and daddy too who managed to enjoy some real quality family time, enjoying your gorgeous music. Chloe was born ready to take on the world immediately! She’s a bright spark whom many described as “an old soul”. As a first time mum I never really understood what that meant until it was explained to me. From the very beginning she has fought sleep completely – who needs sleep when you can live life to the absolute fullest. The older she has gotten, the harder it is for her to fall asleep. So, I have re-introduced our calm “evenings with Cary” albeit the middle of the day when we first hear your beautiful melodies. She just LOVES your music. She even lies in her bed pretending to play her very own guitar.

We went to Salamanca recently and got to see you playing in person. She was absolutely captivated when she watched you play – whether she was able to make the connection between the music we play at sleep time or not I’m not sure, but to see the absolute joy on her face to watch you play was priceless. It was a rare moment of stillness that we all got to share as we were all enjoying your wonderful musical gift.

So, where ever life may find you today, I really just wanted to share the magic that you’ve been able to share with our family.

From the bottom of our hearts (and for the gift of sleep) we thank you!

Kind regards
Laura Matthews and family

Hi Cary,

My name is Michelle Gearman.

I’ve just had a flash of inspiration (epiphany?) to contact you and even as I type, I’m uncertain where I’m actually going with this.

Firstly, let me tell you that when I was 9 and in Grade 3 at Mornington Primary School, you were my relief teacher. It was 1980 – the year of the Olympics and you told us about them. It was my first memory of the Olympics and the only time I enjoyed grade 3.

Needless to say, you stood out as my shining light of that year and even then your music was inspiring. You shared your guitar skills with us and that has remained precious to me.

Now I am a school teacher. Grade 4 this year at Sacred Heart in Launceston.
I love it, I love the children. 26 budding possibilities to be whatever they want to be.

It hasn’t always been so easy to come by this enthusiasm. I did my time teaching at the Ashley Detention Centre, rewarding in a whole different way, but heartbreaking too. The tragedies that those children have had to call ‘life’.
Alas, I digress.

As with all classes there are the ‘challenging’ students. I have a beautiful boy in my class who is exceptionally bright academically, struggles somewhat socially and has a complete distrust of adults (stemming from not so fab parents).
It’s taken me until the past 3 weeks to get through to him. He doesn’t sleep/relax and so by Wednesday is incapable of concentrating on his school work, his reactions are not of the best choices and to be frank his attitude is often crap, and we won’t even mention the baggage he carries under his eyes.

I’ve tried a lot of strategies and in the end I stepped back and looked at what has worked for me over my lifetime to help me survive. Music. Awesome music.

I gave this lad a collection of cd’s that inspire me (and help me to relax), invited him to listen and any he liked I would get him copies of. Within one week both his mother and father had been in to see me to thank me. It’s he first time they’ve come in this year, they didn’t even attend parent/teacher interviews.

He had started being reasonable at home (not all the time) and was going to bed, listening to music and sleeping. By Wednesday there were no bags under his eyes, no tantrums, no bad attitude.

At the end of last week he came to me with my cd’s and handed all but one over.
” These were good Mrs G, thank you” then ever so slowly he parted with the one cd he had in his other hand – Under The Same Moon. “This one”, he said, “this one knows all about me and how I feel, I sleep when I listen to this and I know everything will be ok”. He then gave me a little smile, handed me the cd and backed away.

After Liam left the room I cried. I know how he feels.

I want to thank you for sharing your gift with me and allowing me to share it with this beautiful child. It is his birthday on the 24th of November and I know exactly what I can give him…a good nights sleep and the knowledge that he is loved.

May God continue to bless you with your beautiful heart.
Thank you.


Hi Cary,

Just wanted to thank you. Following a brief conversation at Salamanca market with you I purchased my first FLAC album. Stunning, you are sitting in my car with me. Been listening to your CDs for many years and did not expect I could enjoy your music even more.



I bought Under The Same Moon from you at Salamance Place. Now we are back home and your music helps me to keep in mind the wonderful time I spent in Tasmania.

So I just wanted to let you know that your music is being listened to and enjoyed somewhere very far in Europe, in the Czech Republic, on a beautifull spring morning.
with love


Hello Cary,

I met you in Hobart at the markets a couple of weeks ago

On our trip from Strahan to Stanley a couple of days later, my wife and I listened to “Under the Same Moon” on continuous play. Were were quite amazed how perfectly your music became the soundtrack to our journey through the Tasmanian Western Wilderness.

It’s stunningly beautiful music! On both CDs, the recordings are stunningly realised, and the warmth of your instrument and your mastery of it shines through on all pieces. I’m pleased to purchase two more of your CDs.

With thanks and kind regards,
Peter Newman

Hi Cary.

I met you in Melbourne once when you played at my friend Claire’s 19th birthday in 2009. I bought your albums and have been enjoying them particularly for reflection time.

I just thought you might enjoy knowing that we played your music during our wedding ceremony last year. 8 people sitting in a circle on couches with the fire going (winter time!), talking about love and making a marriage last… with your sweet music playing in the background.

Your music has accompanied many fine moments in life.

I thought you might get a kick out of knowing people out there are loving what you have created.

Thanks very much for putting yourself and your music out there to give us company and comfort!

Best wishes
Rachel Wood

Dear Cary

I am from Shanghai, China. A big surprise? Yes, so far away. I got your CD (In your nearness) as a birthday present from my boyfriend who is now studying in University of Tasmania. Now you see the way I get to appreciate your music.

My boyfriend, Ben, (hope you remember that Chinese guy) was attracted by the sound of magnetic guitar from you at the Salamanca markets. Your beautiful, heart-smoothing music reminded him of the days we were together. Althouth we have been aparted for three months, our old days are always inspired by some tiny issues like pictures, and of course, music.

Your music makes me feel the sound from Tasmania, the sound from Ben’s heart. While I am listening to your music, I am imagining his life in Tassie, it must be peaceful and colourful, just as the rhythm from my loved CD. He is in my nearness.

Thanks for providing me such a romantic life’s journey with my loved Ben.



We first heard your music last year, on my much longed for and first ever holiday in Tasmania. Rob and I spent a week in a beautiful cottage at Strahan for my birthday, and your CD “Under The Same Moon” was in the player there.

We played it constantly throughout that week….it was always just right….and needless to say, we fell in love with it and bought a CD at the local shop to bring home with us to Queensland, where we have played it, for its beauty and its memories, ever since.

So many of our friends have asked about it, as they hear it playing during special dinners and late night fireside chats, and now, my youngest daughter, who lives her life at a vibrant and frantic pace, is about to leave home and move to Melbourne, and has asked for her own copy to take with her, to remind her of home….it has played so often here during our special “deep and meaningfuls”, our heartfelt talks about the stuff of life…..your music calms us, we breathe more slowly and deeply, it seems to unlock the heart and the mind, and let the “real stuff” flow… thanks and appreciation for your wonderful gift of music.Wishing you good health, deep satisfaction and continued creativity.

Cheers, Shannon

Hi Cary

I brought your CD “Under The Same Moon” on Saturday at Salamanca market and I just wanted to say how much In am enjoying it. Each track takes me to a different place of peacefulness, stillness, reflectiveness and even renewal. It is truly a special gift that you have.

A local music teacher here in Devonport introduced me to your work earlier this year so it was a pleasant surprise to see you at Salamanca on Saturday.

On hearing this album for the first time I couldn’t help notice how smooth yet powerful. My dad used to say of Bing Crosby that he was so popular because he sang in a way that seemed so easy that you would think that anyone could do it however, when you actually try it you realise just how hard it is to be smooth! Any there are few “smoother” than Bing! There is a similar connection in your music so smooth and in touch with the people that leaves the listener saying “yeah! I could do that” then realise there is far more to being smooth than imitating and here lies the brilliance.

Anyway keep up the good work I would like to purchase more CD’s of yours in due course. Thanks again for the great music and may you continue to be inspired.

Kind Regards


Dear Cary

I thought you might like to know how much we all enjoy your music. My friend Jenny sent me your CD,Home as a gift. I play it in my art room while the children are working.

As I am typing the Grade four class are busy doing pastel drawings of their families to your music. All is serene and creative here.
thank you!

Wendy Cornell
Cape Town, South Africa

Dear Cary-san

How are you ? I’m sure you have a precious time with your family again at home. I’m Yumiko, sitting next to you after your concert at Troll’s Forest in Nikko. I listen to your CDs every day. They give me comfort, courage and joy of life. But I miss your humming.

I felt I heard your soul at that time.

Thanks again for your beautiful music and heart. Hope I listen to your music at first hand some time soon. Take good care of yourself.

Best wishes,

Yumiko Ishimochi