Intimate, warm and evocative are words that describe the understated brilliance on Cary Lewincamp’s third guitar solo CD. A remarkable soundtrack for life that will definitely become a favourite. Quite simply, the more you listen, the better it gets.


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Track listing
1.Twirly Boys Ballet
4.A Place In Our Hearts
7.In Your Arms At Night
8.Into The Light
9.Blue Noodle (It’s Lonesome in the Saddle Since My Horse Died)
10.Nature Boy
11.You And No Other
12.  Cavatina
13. A Minor Piece For Harry Vederci

“The third CD from renowned Australian instrumentalist Cary Lewincamp. This album released Dec 2004 takes listeners for another float down the river of Cary’s musical universe, which is a place of inner beauty. In contrast to so much hectic, aggressive, angst-ridden music that we hear these days, Cary’s original solo guitar music will take you to a place of stillness, calm and focus. Cary’s instrument is the seven-string acoustic/electric guitar – yes, seven. The extra bass string on the specially built hand made Rizzolo guitar that Cary plays gives a wider tonal range and more warmth. The jazz-style arch-top metal strung instrument lends itself well to the intricate playing style Cary has developed, allowing the subtle nuances of his playing to shine through. Lewincamp’s style has elements of jazz, folk guitar, fingerstyle blues, and echoes of classical technique. These blend into an individual voice that is finding an increasingly wide audience nationally and internationally. The reasons why Cary Lewincamp is one of the best selling independent artists in Australia become apparent after listening to his music. Much music in the contemporary scene has only transient appeal, designed for a quick hit, a catchy hook, and will be forgotten soon enough. Cary Lewincamp’s compositions, however have a complexity and depth to them, which means they can be appreciated on a number of levels. Yes, you can use this music as quiet non-intrusive background while you work or meditate, or you can deeply focus on the layers, harmonic shifts, and themes within the music. On repeated listenings, these CDs are likely to grow on you, and repay close attention, if you like to enjoy your music that way. Whatever your listening styles may be, if you have an appreciation of fine acoustic music, you will find a great deal to enjoy on this and Cary’s other two previous releases.” Malcolm Fielding, Indie CD’s