In Your Nearness (Digital Download)

Intimate, warm and evocative are words that describe the understated brilliance on Cary Lewincamp’s third guitar solo CD. A remarkable soundtrack for life that will definitely become a favourite. Quite simply, the more you listen, the better it gets.

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Track listing
1.Twirly Boys Ballet
4.A Place In Our Hearts
7.In Your Arms At Night
8.Into The Light
9.Blue Noodle (It’s Lonesome in the Saddle Since My Horse Died)
10.Nature Boy
11.You And No Other
12.  Cavatina
13. A Minor Piece For Harry Vederci

5 reviews for In Your Nearness (Digital Download)

  1. Jesse Hartwig (verified owner)

    Met Cary at the Salamenca Markets on the 26th of June and had a lovely conversation with him. He recommended “In Your Nearness” to me after finding out I was newly wed, sharing his own experience of when he had found his wife and knew she was the one.
    Each of the songs in the album have resonated with me and I don’t regret this purchase at all.

  2. Andy (verified owner)

    A collection of tunes full of passion displaying Carys undoubted talent and mastery of the guitar. Highly recommend.

  3. David G. (verified owner)

    If you like melodic, almost lyrical acoustic guitar music, this should please you. We had the pleasure on vacation to hear Cary in person, visit his luthiery and try to figure out how to play a 7-string acoustic! The tone is almost resinous and reverberant – some from his archtop huon wood guitar and some from the sound engineer. This does balance Cary’s poetic, lilting style and makes listening to his music easy and accessible. The recording quality means there is lots of detail and complexity to discern. I’ve found the songs easy to play as background or sit and be enveloped. In Your Nearness is my first purchase of his music but not my last. Good job Cary and a pleasure to have met you.

  4. Søren H Andersen (verified owner)

    Great album in excellent audio quality

  5. Alastair Stuart (verified owner)


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