Home is a collection of tunes reflecting my thoughts and experiences over the previous three years, during which time I turned into a builder to construct our new house. We had to accommodate our three new “gate-crashers” ( triplets Amy, Dan and Lucy ). The cover art is a painting by Leslie Kingsley of our home before the renovations.

This digital download includes:

  • Standard MP3 format download of Home
  • High fidelity FLAC format download of Home
  • High resolution scans of original CD artwork



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Track listing
1.The Welcome
3.Barbara’s Song
4.The Family Dance
5.My Love Is My Home
6.Passage 1
7.You and Me Dad
8.Just Like the First Time
11.Passage 2
12.  The Way Home for Ivor Longing
14.Market Girl

We just recently bought your CD ” Home ” and how well it’s named. Our family play it nearly every day and it warms our home with love, peace and beauty. We feel that you are almost a member of our family. Thank you so much for your music!