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Under the Same Moon

Under the Same Moon



Uplifting, heartful and unique, this cd has interesting compositions that source classical, jazz and folk music. It constantly engages the listener with its harmonic structure and exquisite melodies. Cary's divine music is a style all of its own!


1. Fur Izabella
2. In Your Nearness
3. Leaving on Em9
4. Sona'ta
5. Song for the Fallen Wilderness
6. Jack's Tune
7. Under the Same Moon
8. Jessica
9. Seeds of the Melon Colony
10. South West Tasmania
11. James
May You Find Peace

This CD is not designed to invigorate, so forget any wild dancing. In fact, it is so incredibly non-invasive one can play it all day. Even when I'm not consciously taking it in, it is still amazingly soothing; the music washes over you bringing with it a sense of peace and calm. Now I'm your average listener and usually like to hear something that's familiar, yet ten of the eleven tracks on this CD are originals, written by Cary himself. They're friendly and warm, and become part of your day immediately. The genre is difficult to define, but the influences are many, all merging to create an incredibly smooth sound. In my opinion, this CD stands alone; it is classy and comfortable at the same time. The reasons are not only Cary's fine musicianship and wonderful instrument, but also the intimacy of the work. The combination is perfect. So whether you are enjoying some solitude or having friends over for a quiet wine, treat yourself to this CD. It's a perennial piece of work and will still be playable fifty years from now.